Some Updated Guidelines For Convenient Strategies For Weightlifting

Pushing past this state of fatigue for too long could lead to injury, and eventually overtraining , leaving you constantly exhausted and sore and even potentially messing with your sleep. 2. Being extra sore doesn’t necessarily mean you got a better workout. If you have heard the phrase “no pain no gain” or “if it doesn't hurt then you didn't work hard enough” then you may have fallen into the same trap I did of using soreness as an indicator of a good workout . I used to look forward to the pain I would feel climbing the stairs after a strenuous leg day, but this also made it difficult to get through my next workout. Delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, is muscle damage caused by strenuous physical activity about 24 to 72 hours after training. On one hand, muscle soreness is normal and will happen occasionally, especially if you are new to a specific exercise or type of workout. However, chasing muscle soreness is more likely to lead to a decrease in the Static Contraction Training quality of your workout , hinder motivation, and even lead to injury. If you always have significant DOMS , it could be a sign you’re going too hard and need to dial it back. Instead, I suggest keeping a training log to track the weights you used and increases in strength, rather than judging progress by how hard it was to walk up the stairs the next day.

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